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XPde 0.3.5 released!!

On April 26th 2003, the XPde Team released XPde 0.3.5, a major upgrade to the XPde desktop environment and window manager. Check out the announcement, view the screenshots or read the detailed ChangeLog. Go to the downloads section to get the binaries and sources.

What is XPde?

It's a desktop environment(XPde) and a window manager(XPwm) for Linux. It tries to recreate the Windows XP interface to-the-pixel point. Nothing more, no clipboard compatibility between Gtk and Qt applications, no emulation of Windows applications, no unification on the widgets of X applications, just a desktop environment and a window manager.

If you want to know at a glance what XPde is, read the FAQ and check out the Screenshots before Download. You can contact with us in the Forums, in the Development mailing list, in our IRC channel or submitting here your Feedback. If you find a bug, please, submit it HERE, and if you want to join us or check out who we are, browse the Team Page.

Get technical support and news

If you want to get technical support and news, go to support.xpde.com