XPde 0.3.5 is here

April 26, 2003. The XPde Team today announced the immediate availability of XPde 0.3.5, a major upgrade to the XPde desktop environment, while it's still in beta and under heavy development, this release includes a lot of improvements regarding stability and usability.
This release has been focused on improve the Window Manager, so it's recommended you download this new release to enjoy the new features.
XPde includes a desktop environment, a window manager and several other tools to make your desktop experience easier. It's available for free under Open Source licenses, you can download the sources and binaries from http://www.xpde.com.

You can also find it on the following mirrors: http://xpde.qadram.com

Major Enhancements

*Fixed some window dragging problems on slow machines

*Fixed some window repainting problems on slow machines

*Initial Samba support on the File Explorer

*Changed the default wallpaper to an original photo of Tim Gulick

*Initial PNG + alpha channel support on the Start Menu

*Window resizing

*Window captions in languages other than english

*Window icons extracted form applications

*Double click to restore/maximize a window, system menu, etc...

*Alt+F4 to close windows

*Window ZOrder working

*Alt+Tab to conmute between windows

*Fixed repaint problem on the task bar

About XPde

XPde aims to recreate the Windows XP desktop environment on Linux in order to allow Windows users to "feel at home" in front of a Linux computer. Check out the FAQ at http://www.xpde.com to know more.<