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XPde Team

To join the team, please, e-mail to ttm@xpde.com telling why do you want to become part of this project and what you want to do on it. If you think you don't know enough Kylix or your contribution is very small, don't hesitate to send me a mail, maybe your help is more valuable than you think.

José León José León (ttm@xpde.com)

Core developer

I'm 27 years old, I work on a computer security company, but I know nothing about it ;-), I love to develop and specially with Borland tools, if you want to know more about another projects of mine, check http://www.qadram.com

Martin Bertheau Martin Bertheau (martin@xpde.com)

German Support Manager
German Translator

I'm a 20 years old chemistry student from Berlin, Germany. In my spare time I'm fighting for a better world with VVVD www.vvvd.de) and Attac Germany (www.attac-netzwerk.de) ;-)

Alex Henriksen Alex Henriksen (alexie@xpde.com)

Danish Translator

I'm 39 years old from Denmark, I work as a webmaster on zbox.dk. Been working with PHP & Linux for more then 3 years now.

Wesley Steen Asmild Wesley Steen Asmild (asmild@xpde.com)

Danish Translator
Danish Support Manager

I am a 37 year Webmaster and pc-supporter, been using Linux for the past 2 years.

Zeljan Rikalo Zeljan Rikalo (zeljko@xpde.com)

Core developer

Born in Dubrovnik,Croatia ,1968. Dealing with computers since 1984. Primary OS linux (was unix before 1995). Working at different jobs for a years, like sysadmin, programming etc.., using pascal(gpc,fpc), perl,bash and bit of C. Now I'm core developer in Holobit team , company which develop commercial software for Linux (mainly POS systems).

Martin Karl Waldenburg Martin Karl Waldenburg (waldenburg@xpde.com)

Wordpad Manager

Nomen est omen, with names like that you can only become a fighter. Martin is a derivate of Mars and can be translated to "son of Mars" or "warrior". Karl is old German and means a "free man"

Benedikt Christopeit Benedikt Christopeit (benedikt@xpde.com)

German translator
Mirroring manager

I'm 19 years old from Hamburg Germany, I work as a Webdesigner and Programmer. Been working with Linux for more then 2 years now.

Erwin van Betten Erwin van Betten (erwin@xpde.com)

Graphic artist

I am an ICT student and I'm 20 years old from Amsterdam - Netherlands.

Florian Issel (florian@xpde.com)

Release Manager

I'm 22 years old and come from Stuttgart, Germany. I work on a computer company as apllication developer. I spend a lot of my free time in administrate networks. I've got knowledge in following PL's: Java, Shell, C/C++ and a bit VBA.

Pavol Stugel Pavol Stugel (palo@xpde.com)

Multimedia Effects Manager

I'm 24 years old.;) Now I'm working for my own company NETGraphics.sk and some others companies ... and here you can found my free Graphics Engine: http://graph64.netgraphics.sk

Alberto Ferrer Alberto Ferrer (af@xpde.com)

Spanish Translator

I use Linux since '96, I don't think I'm an expert, but I'm audacious and I learn fast, I like web design, php and mysql development, a lot of apache and servers.

Andrei Borovsky Andrei Borovsky (andrei@xpde.com)

Sound Manager

I'm 28 years old Linux/Multimedia developer from Russia (Moscow).

Ryan Rusaw Ryan Rusaw (rrusaw@xpde.com)

Media Player Manager

I am a 28 yr old computer engineer from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Jens Kühner Jens Kühner (jens@xpde.com)


I am 27 years old from germany, near stuttgart. I am working on a company which is producing metal-detectors as delphi- and kylix-developer.

Sergay Pugachow Sergay Pugachow (w3ser@xpde.com)

Russian translator

I am student from Russia (Moscow), been working with Pascal for more than 4 years now.

Andrew Marshal Burns (goat@xpde.com)


I'm an Electronics Student of a private college 15 minutes away, I've used a computer for 6 years and now I want to help XPde revolutionize the Linux desktop.

David Dean (ddean@xpde.com)

Media / Information Contact

I'm a 23 year old programmer/designer/musician from Australia. I've been using Linux for two years, despite following it's progress for well over five years. I learn new things quickly, and love difficult challenges with suitable rewards.

Jelle Tigchelaar Jelle Tigchelaar (respawn@xpde.com)


I'm a 21 years old Software Engineer from Holland. I've been working in the IT for four years now, and my hobby has always been Linux. I hope we can convince Windows users to switch to Linux with XPde, sure would be for the best.

Roozbeh GHolizadeh (roozbeh@xpde.com)


I am 20 years old from Iran.Studing Civil Engineering.I started first with pascal at 10 and using linux for 2 years.I spend my free times mostly on Programming with whatever language i know.

Valery Gabrusev Valery Gabrusev (valery@xpde.com)

Ukrainian Translator

Ukraine. Ternopil. Teacher of informatics and information technologies.Has been using Linux for last four year. My hobby - research of using open source programms in educations.